July 11, 2018

6 Must-Visit Places in Hong-Kong

Between the extraordinary mix of bustling urban life and amazing nature, there’s no shortage of iconic and fascinating sights and activities in Hong-Kong, from monumental mountains to long stretches of night markets. Mitty picks 6 of the must-see attractions in this lively Asian city.

Wan Chai & Northeast Hong Kong Island

Wan Chai is one of the busiest commercial and cultural areas in Hong Kong with offices of many small and middle-sized companies. Part of British colony in the past, this area has its own historical character. Wan Chai is a major hub of foreign and Chinese cultural institutions in Hong Kong. It is the area where East meets West. Wan Chai North features office towers, parks, hotels and an international conference and exhibition centre. You can find restaurant, shops and cafes in the shopping mecca of Causeway Bay.

Address: Google Maps

Hong Kong Wetland Park

This is a peaceful oasis overseeing Hong Kong's concrete jungles. A 60-hectare ecological park is a window on the wetland ecosystems of northwest New Territories. The territory's prized ecotourism facility with a fantastic array of boardwalks, lily ponds, bird hide stations, mudflats, fish ponds, mangroves, a beautiful butterfly garden and an informative visitor center. The conservation is a perfect place to enjoy some of Hong Kong’s unique flora and fauna.

Address: Google Maps

Opening Hours: 10am - 5pm

Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market - is the wildest night market in Hong Kong. The bustling atmosphere is accompanied by the smells and tastes of the dai pai dong (open air street stall) food. Marked prices on the cheap clothes, watches, footwear and everyday items are only considered the initial offer so don’t be afraid to test out your bargaining skills! Complete with herbalists and fortune-tellers, this market is a must-do after it gets dark.

Address: Google Maps

Opening Hours: 5pm - 11pm

Victoria Peak

Standing at 552m, Victoria Peak (or Mount Austin) is the highest point on Hong Kong Island. This has been the city’s most exclusive neighbourhood since colonial times — back then it was the cooler air that attracted the rich; in the post air-conditioning era, the vantage point and the spectacular panorama on cityscapes attracts the tourists as well as the locals. Bird's eye views of the vibrant metropolis, fertile woods, easy but spectacular walks – all reachable in just eight minutes from Central by Hong Kong’s earliest form of transport.The best way to reach the Peak is by a cute 125-year-old gravity-defying Peak Tram. Some 500m to the northwest of the upper terminus, up steep Mt Austin Rd, is the site of the old governor’s summer lodge, which was burned to the ground by Japanese soldiers during WWII.

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Star Ferry

The Star Ferries - are one of the most iconic attractions of Hong Kong. The ferries get their name from founder, Dorabjee Nowrojee. Looking to his Zoroastrian faith, Nowrojee named the ferry after the ancient, Zoroastrian symbol of the five-pointed star. Only a 10 minute journey from Kowloon to Central, the trip features breathtaking views of everything from the city’s tallest skyscrapers to the thick jungles and hills; an unmissable experience.

Price: Adult HK$2.50-3.40, Child HK$1.50-2.10

Opening Hours: every 6-12min, 6.30am-11.30pm

Telephone number: 852 2367 7065

Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple - served as one of the oldest temples and highest courts of the Qing dynasty. Dedicated to Man, god of literature, and Mo, god of war, the temple houses two enormous sedan chairs to seat the gods during processions and festivals. Further along, the Kung Sor hall was used as the highest court of justice before the introduction of the modern judicial system. In Qing times, these oaths and disputes were followed by the ritual beheading of a rooster!

Address: Google Maps

Opening Hours: 8am-6pm

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