Mitty in Russia

We've prepared Mitty to help you access all essential local apps in all Russian World Cup Host Cities ⚽🇷🇺🎉

Simply go to the city change screen and choose Russian World Cup button ⚽. It will show you all cities to choose from 🌆

Choose any of the cities and it will open up City screen. You can use all apps instantly in the Mitty.

June 29, 2018
by Mitty
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World Cup 2018: 10 things you should know before travelling to Russia

It's football time! For those lucky ones who are travelling to Russia to celebrate the World Cup, here’s your essential guide on what you should know before travelling to Russia.

1. Visa, visa and visa.

You probably need a visa to enter Russia. You must obtain it way before you travel there. Applications are made online over here - Tourist visas (single entry; valid for up to 30 days) require a passport valid for a minimum of six months, and costs around...

June 19, 2018
by Mitty
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